Estimated Net To Seller

Prepared for: Name
Property Address: Street
Calendar Year:  


Todays Date:  
Proposed Closing Date:    
Number Of Days Until Closing:    
Selling Price:  
Principal Balance on 1st Mortgage:
Principal Balance on 2nd Mortgage:
Commission for Listing Realtor: %  
Commission for Buyer’s Realtor: %  
Seller Closing Fee:    
Title Examination: County:
Conveyance Fee - County:
Title Insurance Premium: (less with prior owner's policy)
Title Binder:  
Deed Preparation:  
Wire Fee:  
Courier/Overnight Fee:
Gas Warranty:  
Home Warranty:  
Semi Annual Tax Owed: 1st Half 2nd Half
Annual Taxes:    
Per Diem:    
Days Since Jan 1st (to closing date)  
Tax Proration Total:  
Condo/ HOA Fees:  
Seller to pay towards Buyer’s closing costs:
Misc. Fee: Realtor Office Fee
Misc. Fee  
Misc. Credit  
  Subtotal of Fees:  
  Total to Seller: